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Roebuck Staffing agency in North Carolina specializes in private sector businesses, as well as public sector business. We have employees ready to work in the areas of Construction, Manufacturing, Clerical/Administrative, Restoration/Janitorial, Housekeeping, and Government. At Roebuck Staffing agency we are committed to fulfilling client staffing needs, while demonstrating care in finding gainful positions for our employees in a variety of fields. We pride ourselves in our friendly nature and ability to work as a team to make sure the staffing process runs smoothly for both the client and the employees.

Proudly Placing Employees in the Following Industries

Boat Manufacturing

Multiple Payroll Options

Listed here are our staffing and payroll options and information needed to quote bill rates:
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Temporary employees are for short-term or indefinite time periods.

Payroll Services

We manage your payroll and assume all liability related to your state & federal unemployment insurance, payroll taxes, Medicare, social security, workers’ compensation, administrative responsibilities and more.


Temp-to-Permanent employees allow for uninterrupted productivity with the option to transition them into a long-term position.

Rate Quote

Our rates are competitive and flexible due to low-overhead. Special terms and conditions are considered for established volume clients.

Direct Hire

Direct hiring is a streamlined approach to filling a permanent position.

Are you seeking employment?

We assist you in preparing you for the right fit with our business partners. First, we focus on understanding your talents, skills, and aspirations by reviewing your resume and application for employment. Next, our employment agency sits down with you for a one-on-one interview to get acquainted and assess your career goals.

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