If you are interested, please call one of our three office locations:
Greenville, NC: (252) 364-8700New Bern, NC: (252) 631-5087Baton Rouge, LA: (225) 410-2485

At Roebuck Staffing, we're committed to fulfilling client staffing needs, while demonstrating care in finding gainful positions for our employees in a variety of fields. We pride ourselves in our friendly nature and ability to work as a team, to make sure the staffing agency process runs smoothly for both the client and the employees. If you are interested, please call one of our two office locations: Greenville, NC (252) 364-8700 and New Bern, NC (252) 631-5087.

Will Roebuck


Evelyn Inestroza

Senior Recruiter - Greenville, NC

Joyce Perez

Junior Recruiter - Greenville, NC

Karen Briley

Accounts Receivable - Greenville, NC

Josh Corman

Project/Safety Manager - North Carolina and Louisiana

Adrienne Brown

Senior Recruiter - New Bern, NC and Louisiana

Michelle Kilpatrick

Senior Recruiter - New Bern, NC

Lilyana Crowley

Junior Recruiter - New Bern, NC

Zachary VonRosenberg

Senior Recruiter - Baton Rouge, LA