3 Tips For Virtual Interviews

July 27, 2022

After most individuals spent a good amount of time working from home in the last few years, more and more companies have opted for work-from-home positions. These positions often include a virtual interview process. This type of position is still relatively new to a lot of people, that’s why Roebuck Staffing, a temp agency Wilmington NC, is ready to help you put your best foot forward.

How To Ace An Interview With Staffing Agency Wilmington NC

While most individuals are still getting used to the idea of doing a virtual interview, there are a few things that stay the same, whether virtual or in person.

  • Arrive prepared
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Send a thank-you email a few hours after the interview

Arrive Prepared

Whether you’re at home or in the office during the interview, being prepared is imperative. Here are a few things you should never forget to do for a virtual interview.

  • Double-check the internet, microphone, and video connections before the interview
  • Wear proper interview attire (this includes areas of the body that do not show up on camera)
  • Have a hard copy of your resume and cover letter
  • Do research on the company beforehand and be able to talk about what it is they do
  • Make eye contact with the camera
  • Stay visibly engaged; do not look at social media or your phone
  • Show up to the meeting on time
  • Be in a place with minimal distractions

Even though you are not physically present for the interview, it’s important to prepare for it as if you were. Taking the time to be prepared shows employers and clients from one of the temp agencies in Wilmington NC that you are dedicated and confident in yourself and your skill set.

Be Enthusiastic

Even though it’s being performed in your home, it’s still important to show your enthusiastic side and show that you want to be there. It’s also a great way to show off your personality, as they will want to see if your personality would be a good fit for their workplace culture, even if you’re remote. Your temp agency Wilmington NC can also let you know what to talk more about and what to talk less about.

Send A Thank-You Email A Few Hours After The Interview

One of the most common suggestions given to applicants by temp agencies in Wilmington NC is to send a follow-up email or thank you note. These show the employer that you are grateful for their time and are enthusiastic about potentially working for them. Every follow-up email should consist of you thanking them for their time, letting them know it was a pleasure to meet them, and mentioning a section or two from the interview that stood out to you.

Roebuck Staffing | Temp Agency Wilmington NC

With the help of a local temp agency Wilmington NC, like Roebuck Staffing, you can ensure you put your best foot forward when you get in front of the camera. Virtual interviews can be intimidating, but we are here to help. For more information about our services, please visit our website.