5 Common Misconceptions about Staffing Recruiters

February 23, 2018

#1 Recruiters take a cut from your salary.

Truth: Recruiters do not cost the candidate any money.

This is by far the most common misconception about recruiters and, unfortunately, it causes many people to lose out on great opportunities with employers they love. Recruiters and their agencies are hired by companies to resource candidates for their staffing needs. So, it’s the companies who pay the bill. You keep all of your salary.

#2 Recruiters decrease your salary so that companies get a good deal.

Truth: Recruiters make more money when you make more money.

The amount that recruiters get paid is based on a percentage of your first years salary (usually). Again, this doesn’t mean that you make less money. It means that recruiters want you to make more so that they can make more. It’s a win-win.

#3 Recruiters only care about filling the position-not you.

Truth: It is in a recruiter's best interest to care about their candidates deeply.

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter before, then you couldn’t possibly understand the arduous process from finding the perfect candidate to signing the hiring paperwork. It is long and tough.

A recruiter doesn’t go through that process for nothing. They’re only going to fight for a candidate that they believe is truly a good fit.

Most good recruiters (like ours) will go beyond the call of duty to help their candidates prepare for their interviews, create outstanding cover letters and resumes, as well as stay up to date with them after the hiring process is over. If you are hired, you might be in contact with your recruiter again so it’s important to keep the relationship beneficial.

Besides, sending in less than qualified candidates could damage their relationship with their client, the company they are hiring for, which is never what they want.

#4 It's the recruiter's job to find you work.

Truth: Recruiters work for their clients and are trying to fill open positions.

Recruiters don’t normally work one-on-one with a person and apply to a multitude of positions for them. Recruiters work for their clients to fill their open positions. Whoever fits the descriptions perfectly will be submitted.

#5 Recruiters only hire for temporary positions.

Truth: Recruiters hire for temp, contract, direct hire, part-time, full-time… all kinds of roles.

Don’t automatically assume that recruiters are only hiring for temporary positions! There are, of course, temp staffing agencies, but there are many agencies who are full-service as well.

Whenever you receive a phone call from a recruiter, listen to what they have to say and ask questions about the type of work it is. If you’re not interested in temporary positions, you can make that clear and ask them to keep in contact with you for more permanent opportunities.

Recruiters are on your side! Don’t buy in to these common misconceptions about recruiters. If you do, you might miss out!

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