Advantages of a Staffing Company

Depending on what perspective you are looking from, staffing companies can hold great benefits for both the employer and the employee. The objective of the staffing companies is to bring the right person to fill a position.

From Employee Perspective:

Provide incite to job listings that would otherwise be unavailable to job seekers. Instead of relying on word of mouth or faceless internet posts staffing companies provide incite to job seekers as to what positions are open in their field.

Tips for their resume and interview as well as let them know what to highlight to employer.

Flexible work schedule. Although many job seekers are trying to land full time positions that isn’t necessarily everyone’s objective many people are seeking a part time or temporary position. Perhaps you're a stay at home mom who would like to become a part time clerical assistant or its the holidays and you would like to pick up some seasonal work. Staffing agencies can find the right position for your schedule.

From Employers Perspective:

Try before you buy. Employers can use staffing companies to fill a position and get to find the right fit. This way you can see the employees work ethic and demeanor first hand before taking them on full time.

Payroll liability. Staffing companies pay their employees directly and take on workers’ compensation insurance, general liability, state and federal unemployment insurance, Medicare, Social Security as well as administrative costs. This can save employers a lot of money and time on paperwork.

Wider range of applicants. Staffing companies job is to find reliable, qualified employees and because they are looking for employees constantly they know what red flags to look for on resumes and during interviews that most wouldn’t pick up on. Their job is to bring people that meet your qualifications and exceed them.