Crush Conflict: How To Have Hard Conversations at Work

January 25, 2021

When collaborating in a work environment, it is not uncommon to disagree or run into conflict with a coworker. But, here’s the thing, conflict doesn’t have to be the end of the world if you are willing and able to maneuver through tough conversations. Poor communication is the root of the majority of workplace conflict. Noted by one of the top staffing agencies in Greenville NC, Roebuck Staffing has honed in on some ways to have hard, yet productive, conversations at work.

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  • Plan out the conversation. When having a serious conversation with a coworker, it is not the time to wing it. Beyond planning out what you are going to say, you should anticipate how the person you are talking to may react. While the conversation does not need to seem rehearsed, it is beneficial to have talking points to keep things productive. Overall the better prepared you are, the more successful you will be in communicating your concerns.
  • Be timely. Pay close attention to team dynamics and don’t let conflict linger. The value of constructive criticism decreases as time passes. Most importantly, addressing conflict promptly prevents it from becoming an even bigger issue.
  • Take emotions out of the equation. When having conversations at work, it is necessary to always remain professional. Leading among staffing agencies in Greenville NC, Roebuck Staffing exercises professionalism in its position as the middleman between clients and employees. Remember that as a leader, your team feeds off your energy. Validate employees’ feelings while also regulating emotions.
  • Be direct and specific. There is nothing worse than beating around the bush, especially during a difficult discussion. Get straight to the point that way the situation can be resolved as quickly as possible. Be specific with why you’re having the conversation, leaving no room for any confusion or miscommunication. By providing clear examples of the problems at hand, the other person will better understand the cause of the conversation.
  • Suggest a solution. As a leader, others look to you to solve problems. Specific to each situation, you should be able to offer suggestions for improvement. Even if your hard conversation involves firing an employee, you can still share ways in which they can succeed in their next job. Better yet, you can set them up with Roebuck Staffing, a standout among staffing agencies in Greenville NC, to present them with other potential job opportunities.

Tough conversations at work are inevitable so the next time you are faced with one, keep these helpful tips in mind. Roebuck Staffing, one of the well-known staffing agencies in Greenville NC, is here to take the stress off of you and make the staffing process runs smoothly. Contact us today to fulfill all your staffing and employment needs!