Employment in the time of COVID

May 26, 2020

If you've been keeping up with the news for even a small period of time, then you've heard of the massive layoffs, reduction of hours, and abrupt terminations millions of people have had to go through. More than likely, you've not only read about it, but may also be on the receiving end of the bad news, or know of someone close to you who is struggling. Covid has adversely affected every possible sector, and there is a lot of uncertainty as to what the future will look like. It definitely is a bleak time, but while it is bleak, there is still hope. When things are bad, they can only get better. If you've been laid off, lost your job, or have had to cut back on working hours, don't sit and mope. There are hundreds of thousands right there along with you.

Breathe, wipe your face, and start looking for another job. Call local temp agencies. Ask about their temp to hire positions. Inquire about any open, full time positions they may have. Ask to be put on their "Available" list. Say "yes" to those temporary positions. Take it one day at a time. Maybe it won't be a full time position, or your dream job, but it will pay the bills, keep you going, and add experience to your "work tool belt". Don't get blinded by the media. Do what you can. Things will surely look up if you keep going.

Google search "remote positions" if you have kids at home, and can't afford to pay a babysitter. Places like Amazon are booming at this time, and are always looking to hire. They'll provide you with the equipment you need to do the job, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Drive through your local town or nearby cities, and keep an eye out on the doors of the businesses you pass; there is always a "Help Wanted" poster up when they're looking.

Call or email your friends and let them know you're looking for a job, and would appreciate any information on vacancies they become aware of. There is no shame in putting yourself out there. Like you, there are so many more. Just make the call, or send the text.

These are simple, pretty obvious suggestions. But, when you're in a slump, you can become blinded by the overwhelming sense of failure and fear, and a friendly reminder can help you get back up. In a couple of months, you'll look back and be glad that you didn't sit and sulk.

We're rooting for you.