How do Staffing Agencies Work? (Particularly Roebuck Staffing)

May 16, 2014

Although many bloggers before me have made posts on this very subject I wanted to post my own version to explain exactly how we operate here at Roebuck Staffing. This will help clear up the confusion that some applicants and perspective applicants have about our process.

1. Getting Started with Roebuck Staffing

Typically people find out about our services from referral, word of mouth, job postings on the web, Google Staffing Agencies in our area, and other various ways. No matter how you found out about us we ask applicants to fill out an application as well as submit a resume if they have one. We also ask for two forms of ID as well as any certifications that are relevant to the position. Once we get all of this information from you we can then put you into our database. Its important not to leave out any details or skills you have so that you will be pulled from our database for as many types of positions as possible.

2. Interview with Roebuck Staffing

After reviewing the applications we select applicants who we think would be a great fit for the positions we are currently seeking and call them in for interviews. Not everyone gets interviewed. We can't possibly interview every person who walks through the door and our agency has to hire qualified employees otherwise we would go out of business. This is why it is extremely important to take time filling out the application and put down all relevant information and skills.

3. Keeping in touch with Roebuck Staffing

Every agency has different check in guidelines. Here at Roebuck Staffing we ask that you keep in touch with us on a regular basis. Just call to check in and let us know you are still seeking work.  If you have filled out an application and are in our database we will call you when the right position becomes available.

4. Secondary Interview

After Roebuck Staffing has preformed our interviews, we then process all information and see if you would be a good fit for the position. If we find that you are a good fit we then send your resume or application to the client for further reviewing upon request. If they find that you have the proper skills and experience they will ask to schedule you for a second interview with them. We then give you further information on the client and guide you through the process with information needed before arriving to your interview.

5. What are the hours of positions?

This varies tremendously since it is based on our clients needs. Some positions will be 8am-5pm some will be until the work is finished for the day and we even have night time positions as well. This is always different so be sure to ask us.

6. How does pay work?

If you are hired on through Roebuck Staffing you are a temporary employee of ours, we handle your pay and whether you have direct deposit or a paper check if there is any issues you contact us. The pay period is a 1 week pay period so you work Monday-Sunday and you get paid the following Friday.

7. Who do I come to with issues?

For any issues no matter how small you come to Roebuck Staffing. We can only help you if you communicate with us. I have had employees come to me with issues with other permanent employees as well as concerns about having to leave a position because they were not getting enough hours. We are here to help our employees and field questions.

8. What if the company I am working for wishes to hire me full-time?

If the company wishes to hire you on full-time you typically must reach 480 hours on Roebuck Staffing's payroll first, however if they wish to hire you on full-time before that point they may pay out Roebuck Staffing for the remainder of your contract. I do feel the need to mention that we have some employers that keep staff hired through us on our payroll indefinitely because this causes them less of a headache in the HR department. So don't be discouraged if you never get off our payroll it does not mean the company does not intend to keep you.

9. Temporary Positions Lead to Opportunities

If Roebuck Staffing offers you a position for one day or a week please don't turn it down because you want something full-time. This shows us and the client that you are reliable and willing to work hard, if we have great feedback about you we can place you elsewhere and that future position could be full-time.

I hope I have helped explain how our particular agency runs. Please always feel free to call if you have questions.