How to Clean Up Your Social Media For a Job

October 27, 2020

It is understandable when people like to share every aspect of their lives over social media. It is an easy and efficient way of letting your friends and family know what is going on in your life, build connections, and keep up with the times. But when posting on social media platforms becomes excessive or unprofessional, it can hurt you when trying to find a job. Roebuck Staffing has put together a list of simple ways to keep your social media clean when using temp agencies in Greenville NC to help you find a career.

  1. Make your accounts private.
  2. Delete offensive and obscene content such as pictures, videos, and posts.
  3. Google yourself to make sure something you may have forgotten about doesn’t pop up for recruiters to find.
  4. Deactivate old and unused accounts to allow up to date and professional profiles to be seen first.
  5. Update your profile pictures to a single upper body and face shot of you looking presentable and friendly.
  6. Update your bios, headlines, and other top of the page components. Describe yourself, as you would to a future employer.
  7. Check your likes, pages, and follows.
  8. Keep content up to date, relevant, and light.

While social media is used as a platform to express yourself, some ways are better than others. Temp agencies in Greenville NC suggest asking a professional acquaintance, possibly one who isn’t friends with you on social media to do a quick search of you to see what pops up. Keep in mind, when things are posted on the internet, they can never be deleted, so only posting professional and appropriate content is key when taking those first steps into the working world.

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