How to Effectively Follow-Up After Submitting Your Job Application

April 30, 2023

Submitting a job application is an exciting accomplishment. After putting in the effort and hard work, most will anxiously await hearing back from temp agencies Wilmington NC about the status of their application. It can be challenging to know when and how to follow up without coming across as pushy or desperate. To offer some guidance, the hiring experts at Roebuck Staffing have outlined ways job seekers can effectively follow up after applying.

Wait for the Right Time

Before you start following up, it's important to give the hiring manager or recruiter at temp agencies Wilmington NC enough time to review the application. While it can be tempting to follow up immediately after applying, it's best to wait a week or two before reaching out. This ensures that the applicant is not coming across as too eager.

Find the Right Contact

Once the time has come to follow up, it's important to find the right contact. This could be the hiring manager, recruiter, or HR representative. If it’s unclear who to contact, applicants should check the job posting or company website for contact information. If all else fails, they can reach out to the general HR email address.

Craft a Professional Email

When crafting a follow-up email, applicants should use a professional tone. They can start by thanking the hiring manager for their time and consideration. Then, briefly restate their interest in the position and ask for an update on the application status. They should also include their contact information.

Move On

While it's good practice to follow up on an application, it's also important to keep moving forward with the job search. While they may be highly interested in the position, job seekers should always continue applying for other jobs. This will help the applicant stay occupied and keep their options open, avoiding the possibility of a missed job opportunity with temp services in Wilmington NC that suits their interest.

Temp Agencies Wilmington NC | Roebuck Staffing

Following up with temp agencies Wilmington NC after submitting a job application is an important part of the job search process. While following up can show genuine interest and enthusiasm for a job position, it can easily become overwhelming for the hiring manager if not done properly. After one calm, professional attempt to follow up, it’s best for applicants to shift their focus to other opportunities until further notice. To find more employment resources or to learn more about our current job listings at Roebuck Staffing, please visit our website.