How to Prepare for an Interview With Roebuck Staffing

December 11, 2020

You visited the experienced staff at Roebuck construction staffing Greenville NC and landed an interview! Excitement builds up until you realize that you don’t know how to prepare for the interview process. It may seem intimidating at first, but Roebuck Staffing has gathered these tips that you can take to better prepare yourself for a successful interview.

Read over the job description to grasp an understanding of how you are qualified for the position. This will help you gain confidence in why you deserve the position which will show through when you are talking about yourself.

Consider why you are interviewing, and what qualifications you have that make you the best candidate for the job.

Conduct research on the company, their values, and successful projects to casually bring up in the interview conversation. This will wow the interviewer and show that you are truly interested in the company.

Read over common interview questions, and try to figure out how to best answer them, showcasing your most prominent skills and certifications.

Pick out professional yet comfortable attire. You will want to look clean and put together, but not to the point of being unbearably uncomfortable to where it distracts you. If you can’t find anything, go shopping! There is nothing better than feeling confident in a new outfit.

Practice speaking and body language in a mirror. Being nervous can cause someone to talk too soft, too loud, or even too fast. Enact what you think you will say in front of a mirror while using a strong, confident voice, and friendly, open body language.

Gather questions to ask them throughout the interview process and at the end. If the question asking is solely one-sided, the interview may seem a bit like an interrogation. Roebuck construction staffing Greenville NC suggests asking simple questions about the company or position to make the interview more conversational and everyone involved more comfortable.

Print out a copy of your resume, cover letter if applicable, and a list of references to provide on the day of the interview. While they should already have a printed copy, it makes you look professional and prepared if you come with a few on hand.

Organize your transportation. While emergencies do pop up, making sure you have an idea of how to get to your destination, how long it will take, and other travel arrangements. Be sure to have everything gathered the night before, and leave a few minutes early to ensure you get there on time.

Have friends and family mock interview you. Once you have everything prepared, pretend like you are at your interview and go through the motions. Practice shaking hands, or introducing yourself over the phone. Rehearse what you are wanting to mention and your professional speaking voice. Have your partner prepare questions to ask you to simulate as real of an interview as possible.

Be confident in yourself and your abilities! Having confidence will show through in your voice and mannerisms and in return will not only impress the company’s hiring manager but also keep you calm throughout the process.

Have a thank you letter or email ready to send within 24 hours. Sending a professional note thanking them for their time and consideration is a great way to show your appreciation, keep you in their minds, and to reiterate anything talked about in the interview.

Roebuck Staffing, your local agency for construction staffing Greenville NC wishes you the best of luck in your future interviews. There is never a bad time to begin a job search, so contact Roebuck Staffing to start yours today.