How to Set Up a Resume for Construction Jobs Greenville NC

October 9, 2020

When applying for construction jobs Greenville NC, there are many components to make yourself seem as professional as possible. Dressing properly, interview prep, and one of the most important parts when applying for any job, the resume. Understanding what elements a resume should have and how to organize them can make someone’s head spin, which is why Roebuck Staffing, one of the best staffing agencies in Greenville NC is here to help you build a career worthy resume.

In every resume, there are four necessary components:

  • Header
  • Education
  • Experience
  • References

Between these four main sections, you have the opportunity to explain everything that staffing agencies in Greenville NC need to help you find the best job for you, and for hiring managers to learn why you would be the best candidate for their open position. There is no specific order for these sections to be organized into, but typically a resume is laid out as such.

1. Header

The header is where you supply your personal information such as name, full address (where you are currently residing), phone number, and email address. If you have social media accounts, you can add the usernames in here as well. Some resumes can include a professional picture of yourself, but it is not necessary.

2. Education

In your education section, simply list what level of education you have obtained. Start off with the highest level of education first, including your graduation date, degree, and other valuable information. If you have achieved any academic honors or other educational training, you can list that information here as well.

3. Experience

In the experience section, you want to list any past jobs, volunteer work, internships, or special projects that you have with construction jobs Greenville NC that a future employer might be interested in knowing about. This list can be sorted into bullet points to keep things short and to the point, and should be specifically worded to fit the job description that you are looking for. Listing position titles, companies, location, and how long you were there are all key components of the experience category. Under each listing, explain what you did in said position, and how it made you qualified to be considered for the open job listing. Keep in mind that this is a place to talk about how successful you were, and to use action verbs.

4. References

The references section should tie back in with what positions were listed under experience. Having past employers listed as references, allows the hiring manager to contact the company and ask a few simple questions about your employment history. Not all of your references must be professional though, some can be professors, volunteer leaders, or anyone else who can speak on behalf of your character, work ethic, and who aren’t a part of your family.

This list is just a simple beginner’s guide to setting up a resume for construction jobs Greenville NC. The more information you can fit onto one-page that could be helpful when deciding to hire you or not, the better. Feel free to contact Roebuck Staffing agencies in Greenville NC with any questions or concerns you may have about setting up your resume or for help finding a potential job position.