Industry Leading Staffing Agency, Roebuck Staffing, Opens Its First Louisiana Location in Baton Rouge

June 29, 2022


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Industry Leading Staffing Agency, Roebuck Staffing, Opens Its First Louisiana Location in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Eastern North Carolina’s ultimate staffing agency, Roebuck Staffing, has opened its first Louisiana office location in Baton Rouge. The staffing office is owned by Will Roebuck and will serve Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. The agency is eager to provide staffing and administrative services to its clients and assist potential employees to find positions throughout Louisiana.

Zack Von Rosenberg, Joshua Corman, and Adrienne Brown, managers at Roebuck Staffing, have all worked to open the Baton Rouge location since November 2021. The Louisiana office will offer services such as payroll services, workers’ compensation, and hiring for clients for a variety of fields including construction, government, manufacturing, janitorial, and more. This locally-owned business prides itself on making it easy to contact them and getting the job done quickly and efficiently, giving clients more time to run their businesses.

“Roebuck Staffing will benefit the Baton Rouge area by providing quality job opportunities to candidates seeking to join or rejoin the workforce,” states Adrienne Brown, Senior Recruiter at Roebuck Staffing. “We will also benefit companies or organizations seeking quality personnel and add value to their businesses.”

According to Brown, Roebuck Staffing’s goal is to bring more jobs to the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area and provide effective services to clients, allowing businesses to be more successful.

Along with ensuring their clients’ success, Roebuck Staffing is also devoted to providing jobs to local workers. Whether it’s a white-collar or blue-collar position, they have an extensive list of job openings and clients that are in need of hard-working, reliable workers. Roebuck Staffing is also available to assist those who are new or experienced in their selected field and are willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure both the client and the employee are satisfied.

With the new location in Baton Rouge, Roebuck Staffing is hoping to be able to reach more clients and employees throughout Louisiana and allow them to be more prosperous in their careers and business endeavors. To learn more about Roebuck Staffing, visit or follow the agency on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn - @roebuckstaffing.

About Roebuck Staffing: Roebuck Staffing is a staffing agency with headquarters located in eastern North Carolina. They assist businesses with administrative tasks, such as hiring and payroll, along with applicants and workers who are looking to join the workforce for the first time, re-enter the workforce, or change careers. From North Carolina to Louisiana, Roebuck Staffing is ready to assist any client or worker who is ready to be more successful in their endeavors.

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