Job Opportunities in the Construction Industry in North Carolina

April 13, 2021

Looking for a suitable job in the construction industry in North Carolina? The construction industry contributes close to 4 percent ($23.2 billion) of North Carolina’s gross domestic product or GDP. While the state has over 22,000 construction firms, Roebuck Staffing supplies hundreds of construction jobs Greenville NC. Here are some of the reasons why North Carolina is one of the top states for finding a job in the construction industry.

Hiring is Up

On the whole, the construction sector employed over 7 million workers in 2020 that included both commercial and residential construction. Temp agencies in Washington NC and other parts of NC report that construction jobs totaled 221,900 in July of 2020. A survey also reveals that construction contractors are hiring more workers. As per this survey, 60 percent of construction firms in the country and 70 percent of construction firms in North Carolina had hourly craft positions that were unfilled in June 2020. 

More Hotels Being Built

Many hotels were constructed in 2020 that are expected to open in 2021 through to 2022. The most important hotel projects being built within the state include University City, JW Marriott, the Grand Bohemian, the Southpark Marriott and the Intercontinental. With cities growing rapidly, there will be an increasing requirement for larger conventions and seminars in many parts of North Carolina.

Best for Business

North Carolina has been consistently named by Forbes as the best state in the U.S. for business. Talented labor pool, low costs and conducive regulations are some of the reasons

why businesses flock to North Carolina, making it one of the best for construction jobs Greenville NC. Many new office buildings are under construction in Charlotte and Raleigh apart from other areas of NC. Additionally, the new hotel projects being undertaken will help in attracting large-scale events and conventions, which will further boost NC’s popularity. The outcome has enhanced demand for business and commercial structures.

Residential Market

The boom in the commercial sector will reflect on the residential construction sector as

well. More people being employed or doing business in North Carolina will translate to a

higher demand for residential structures. Housing options are set to increase across NC as

a result of this trend. 

If you are interested in finding the best of the best when it comes to construction jobs, it is important to contact the most reputable temp agency Greenville NC has available. Apart from in-depth knowledge of the construction industry openings, Roebuck Staffing temp agency Greenville NC helps match the right candidate with the right job in the sector.