Looking at a Post-Pandemic Business

May 5, 2021

As the pandemic continues, people and businesses alike hope to get back to relative normality within the next year. Most people would like to be able to walk around in their favorite store or business without having to wear a mask and stay 6-feet away from their fellow shoppers. Businesses would like to get back to shaking hands with their customers and partners, and having a full staff again. People are also looking to get back into the workforce while businesses are planning on growing their staff back to pre-pandemic size, or even bigger. More and more people are reaching out to staffing and temp agencies in Greenville, NC, like Roebuck Staffing.

While people want to get back to pre-pandemic normal, that might not be the case. There are some things that came from the pandemic that people and businesses alike wouldn’t mind becoming a part of our “new normal.”

Wearing a mask (when you’re sick) and plexi-glass

The CDC required masks for everyone, even if you weren’t obviously sick, because come people could carry COVID-19 without showing symptoms. After the pandemic, some companies and businesses might require you to wear a mask if you are showing signs of an illness, such as coughing, sneezing, or have a runny nose. While this may seem annoying, it could significantly slow the spread of diseases or viruses. Even before the pandemic, Japanese citizens wore masks whenever they were sick in order to protect their loved ones and others from catching what they had. It started to become a sign of love towards others, and showed that they cared about others.

Plexi-glass barriers were introduced in stores and restaurants to keep a distance between the consumer and the employee. They also offer protection to the employee in case of a robbery or dispute. These barriers might become a normal thing to have after the pandemic along with maintaining distance from customers.

Calling out of work when you’re sick

The pandemic showed us what not staying home when you’re sick can do; it can put others at risk of contracting the illness or virus that said person has. Some people don’t always bounce back as well as others, and can even be hospitalized if they contract an illness. Putting others at risk is never a good thing, and it isn’t good for business either. It is imperative that sick employees stay home in order to protect their customers and clients, especially when working in the food industry, child care, or healthcare.

If a sick employee stays home but can still work, the pandemic has shown us that most jobs can also be done from home. It also encouraged conference calls, meetings, and even transactions to be done virtually to maintain communication with staff. People that are unwell or cannot make it into work can do at least some of their work at home and still attend meetings.

Store capacity might remain smaller

Every building or enclosed space has a maximum number of people that can be in said space at a time. This is called occupant capacity, and it exists for safety reasons, in case of a fire and how much the building can support. Large buildings and rooms along with sporting arenas and stadiums have lowered their capacity in order to encourage social distancing between patrons. This is one of the things that might not stick around, as this lowers ticket sales and profits that the organization, company, or team can make. However, the extra space makes seating more comfortable for patrons and fans.

Businesses will re-evaluate the amount of people on their staff

While most larger businesses, such as Amazon and Netflix, have flourished during the pandemic, smaller businesses have done the opposite. With the significant drop in customers and profits, a lot of small businesses have had to cut their staff down to the bare minimum. Unemployment in American civilians was down to 4.4% in March 2020, but skyrocketed to 14.8% in just one month. While some businesses have realized they can function just the same, or better, with fewer employees, others have realized the importance of having a larger staff and personnel on their team.

Staffing and temp agencies in Greenville, NC have been prospering since more people are trying to get back into the workforce. These are agencies that can help businesses grow their staff and get people hired quicker. Some, however go above and beyond for their clients and will even help them with payroll, health care, and direct hires. Among these is Roebuck Staffing out of eastern North Carolina.

As a temp agency in Greenville, NC, Roebuck Staffing has been helping to grow the workforce in North Carolina even before the pandemic. They work with businesses to find them temporary, part-time, and full-time employees, help with payroll services, and have a streamlined approach to filling any permanent position you need. Their rates are competitive and will create a plan that works best for you and your company.