Resigning From Your Job Without Burning Bridges

July 11, 2022

Deciding to leave your job can be a complicated decision; there’s a lot that can go into it. Some people get too wrapped up in transitioning to the next stage in life that they forget how important it is to leave their current position without burning bridges. At Roebuck Staffing, a staffing agency Wilmington NC, we know that life can change at the drop of a hat; sometimes you might have to switch positions or leave the workforce altogether, but how can you do this while still remaining respectful?

How to Resign from a Job From Staffing Agency Wilmington NC

When resigning from a position it is essential to keep your composure, act professionally, and nurture the existing relationship. This way, you are able to reference your previous employer on any future applications that may be relevant.

  • Be honest and transparent
  • Give plenty of notice
  • Express gratitude
  • Prepare for an exit interview

Be Honest and Transparent

While you do not have to disclose your plans after leaving the company, it can be worthwhile to inform your boss of your plans. Honesty and transparency can assist in preserving your relationship with them. Depending on your new position or the grounds of your departure from the company, your boss could offer their assistance in the transition period or put in a good word for you with one of the local staffing agencies Wilmington NC.

Give Your Current Boss Plenty of Notice

The rule of thumb for most is two weeks, it might be beneficial for all parties to get as early notice as possible depending on your relationship with your employer. This way, your boss could get someone to fill your position faster and could get them trained while you are still available to help. If you were employed by a  staffing agency Wilmington NC, such as Roebuck Staffing, we can help you decipher when would be a good time to let your boss know when you plan to vacate your position.

Express Gratitude

Often, people get so caught up in the leaving process that they forget to thank their current company for what they’ve done for them. While not everyone enjoyed the company they were at, it is important to acknowledge what they did to help you progress your career and learn more about your desired field.

Prepare For The Exit Interview

After all that time with the company, they will want to learn about your time with them. While it is tempting to be brutally honest during this time, most staffing agencies Wilmington NC recommend against it. Not everything you say will benefit you or the company, so it’s best to answer the questions they ask in a respectful manner while also providing feedback that can help them improve their company.

Roebuck Staffing | Staffing Agency Wilmington NC

Leaving a position can be scary, but a local staffing agency Wilmington NC like Roebuck Staffing can help make the process easier. We strive to build relationships with employees in order to decipher where they would work the best. Learn more about our hiring and administrative services on our website!