Résumé Tips to Help You Stand Out from the Competition

July 14, 2021

Applying for jobs can be difficult and a tedious task. Changing your resume, writing a cover letter, and prepping for each individual interview is time-consuming, but getting that perfect job makes it all worth it. Employers use this time and information to make sure that you're a good fit for the job and the company. It's imperative that each applicant uses their opportunity to engage with the employer to show them the best sides of you! A temp agency Greenville NC, like Roebuck Staffing, can help get you headed in the right direction.

Resumes are an extremely important part of this process. They highlight your academic and professional careers and allow for your potential future employer to get to know you a little better. Here are a few tips to help you build a resume that your employers will want to read.

Highlight Your Achievements, Not Just Your Jobs

Your resume should contain more than just your jobs and how long you worked there. They should also include things that you learned or accomplished while in those positions. Talk about where the company was before you started working there, and then talk about where it was when you left. You should also talk about any awards or grants that you've received.

Use Keywords Directly From the Job Description

In order to have a good resume, you have to make it robot-proof. A lot of organizations have a computer that scans resumes to see if they are actually relevant to the position. If they don't see certain keywords, they will automatically get thrown out. Find keywords in the job description like, "programmer," or "manufacturer," and use them to your advantage. Scatter them, and other keywords you see in that specific job description, around your resume in places where they make sense. If you're planning on using a temp agency Greenville NC, like Roebuck Staffing, you can get professional help with your resume and interview skills that can help you get the job of your dreams!

Organize and Make it Easy to Read

If your resume is too complicated to understand or figure out, the hiring manager or computer might throw it away. It's important to organize your information in such a way that makes it flow. There are a few ways to organize your resume. Here's one that a temp agency Greenville NC likes to use:

Some people like to start up top with their name, contact information, and summary. The summary shouldn't be longer than a sentence or two and describes who you are and what you would like to do. Then, include your professional history. You don't have to include jobs that aren't relevant (that one minimum wage job you had in high school), but try to steer your jobs to show that you have experience and relate them to the job you're applying to. Start with the company name, dates of which you worked there, and a short description of your role. After that, organize your educational history like you did your jobs (school name, duration of enrollment, and what your degree is in). Finally, add in your skills, awards, certifications, and achievements.

Limit Your Resume to 1-2 Pages

There's a lot of information that you can include in a resume. However, it's important not to make it too long. You can use bullet points instead of paragraphs when explaining the description of your job. This can help shorten things up. Your resume is something that can get the conversation started. If they are interested in learning more about your jobs and experience, they will reach out.

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