Seasonal Hiring Tips for the Holidays

November 19, 2022

The holiday season is almost here, and with it comes an influx of shoppers. To capitalize on this inundation, businesses need to be prepared for the extra demand. One way to do that is by hiring more employees with the help of temp agencies Wilmington NC, such as Roebuck Staffing. Here are some tips on how to hire temporary employees during the holidays.

Advertising Openings

The first step in hiring temporary holiday help is getting the word out about the job openings. Posting job openings online is one of the best ways to reach potential applicants, as many people use online job boards when searching for employment opportunities. Additionally, getting assistance from a temp agency Wilmington NC and our list of applicants can be extremely beneficial to hire during the holidays, as our applicants have already been screened and interviewed.

Screening Candidates

Once applications have been received from interested candidates and temp agencies Wilmington NC, such as Roebuck Staffing, hiring managers must take time to carefully review each one before making any hiring decisions. When reviewing resumes, make sure that each candidate meets all of the qualifications for the job—including education level and work experience—and that their skills match what is needed in an employee. Additionally, questions about resumes or applications can be brought to a staffing agency Wilmington NC!

Hiring & Training Employees

After selecting which applicants are going to be hired, they must be quickly onboarded and trained to be ready for the holiday rush. Establish a training program with the help of one of the best temp agencies Wilmington NC to ensure new hires understand company policies and procedures as well as their roles and responsibilities within the organization. This should include both written instructions and hands-on demonstrations; doing so will ensure that new hires can hit the ground running once they begin working with customers or clients during this busy season.

Roebuck Staffing | Temp Agencies Wilmington NC

With these tips, companies should have no trouble finding qualified candidates for their seasonal positions with the help of temp agencies Wilmington NC such as Roebuck Staffing this holiday season! Having enough staff available during peak times can make all the difference between a successful holiday season and a stressful one. Visit our website to learn more about our services!