Skills To Promote During An Interview

March 24, 2022

An interview can be a daunting step in the hiring process. Questions such as, what do I bring, what should I wear, and most importantly what should I say, to name a few are frequently asked to hiring specialists. However, it's the latter that at times can be the most overlooked during the interview process. Understanding what to say and most importantly what skills to promote can help you stand out from the competition. Using a temp agency Greenville NC, you can be prepared to display your expertise to help you land your dream job.


Communication is key no matter the position you are trying to fill. Showing strong communication skills can help ensure your hiring agent that you can disseminate information throughout the company and to clients effectively and professionally. This doesn’t mean just verbally communicating your thoughts or needs. Strong communication skills include being able to write a professionally worded email, text message, or even note for a fellow employee or a client. These skills are especially necessary for someone looking for clerical jobs in Greenville NC as both verbal communication such as answering the phone and greeting customers as well as nonverbal communication such as email is a major portion of the position. During an interview let the hiring agent recognize or acknowledge your communication skills by speaking clearly and concisely.


Organizational skills are crucial for a variety of different positions. Whether you are looking for an office position that requires keeping up with a variety of different notes, appointments, and tasks or a blue-collar position that requires managing resources, being organized is key. Being organized not only helps your workspace look visibly more professional but can help you ensure your agency that you can quickly pinpoint and supply them with a piece of information or resource quickly and efficiently. During an interview, reference times when you’re organizational skills helped secure a client’s business or help the company be more productive. If this is the first position you’re applying for, working with a temp agency Greenville NC, you can come up with other ways to share your organizational skills subtly yet effectively.

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