Style Guide For Your Next Job Interview

November 24, 2022

When you schedule a job interview, it is important to dress to impress! Roebuck Staffing, temp agencies Wilmington NC, wants our clients to prepare for their upcoming interview. However, figuring out what to wear can be stressful. Therefore, our team of experts at our staffing agency Wilmington NC has created a style guide to help our clients navigate their closets and choose the perfect outfit for their following job interview.

How To Choose Your Next Outfit

When browsing through your closet to put together an outfit, choose clothes appropriate to the company’s dress code. Every company has a different dress code, and the professionals at our temp agency Wilmington NC want our clients to know this importance when going into a job interview. If it’s a casual workplace, your outfit should be different than if it is a professional business workplace. Our staffing agency Wilmington NC is here to help guide you during this process and has provided tips to help you!

What To Wear To A Casual Workplace

  • Dark pair of jeans with no holes in it
  • Casual wrinkle-free blouse or collard shirt
  • Flats, heels, or closed-toe shoes that are neat and clean

What To Wear To A Business Casual Workplace

  • Wear dress pants that make you feel your best
  • Collard button-down shirt, or a nice blouse
  • A belt and tie are optional but wearing one can help spruce up an outfit
  • Flats, heels, or nice business casual dress shoes

What To Wear To A Professional Business Workplace

  • Dress in a suit
  • Consider dress pants, a blouse, and a blazer or professional jacket
  • Incorporate a tie and belt with the suit
  • Flats, heels, or professional dress shoes

Roebuck Staffing | Temp Agencies Wilmington NC

Our professionals want our clients to prepare when going into their interviews. Being dressed to impress will allow you to be confident, and confidence shines in a job interview. Roebuck Staffing, temp agencies Wilmington NC, are here to help those in search of a job find the best fit for them. Along with helping find jobs, our team will help companies find reliable workers for their business. Let us help! Contact us today, or visit our website to see what we offer.