Temp Agency Greenville NC Supports Inclusive Workplaces

March 20, 2021

During a time of social distancing, it may be hard to imagine creating a more inclusive workplace, but our temp agency Greenville NC has realized now is a better time than ever. Society is speaking out in support of inclusivity, and it’s time for our workplaces to reflect that through company cultures. Somewhat ironically, remote work has played a role in recruiting talent from underrepresented communities and fostering more inclusion in the workplace. 

No Office Building, No Recruiting Bias

Due to the impact of the global pandemic, many companies chose to permanently sell their office spaces and allow employees to work remotely from home. Candidates applying for remote positions may find that they have a higher chance of getting the job because there is no longer location bias obstructing the hiring process. In the past, companies have been prone to hire people who lived closer to the office. With these companies only hiring people who lived near their office building, they were likely missing out on underrepresented candidates who lived further away. Companies can now utilize remote work options to recruit underrepresented candidates from faraway areas they once did not have access to when hiring. 

Acknowledge Bias 

One thing we have learned as a temp agency Greenville NC, is that accountability is essential in the workplace. A crucial part of promoting inclusivity is recognizing your bias in the first place. Companies can develop leadership and training programs to educate employees on unconscious bias. It is especially important for hiring managers to experience this training because they are the ones responsible for bringing new people into the company. If hiring managers aren’t trained properly and act on their biases, they could make the mistake of only hiring candidates who are similar to themselves or other current employees. 

Inclusivity Increases Comfort 

Would you be more nervous about an interview via a video conference or in person? Most people would likely say in person because there is a heightened sense of nervousness when meeting someone for the first time in person. On the other hand, remote recruiting through online platforms has allowed both applicants and working employees to be more comfortable behind the camera. For many people, their home is their safe place and being able to work from that environment helps them be more productive. Instead of having employees be too focused on their appearance or too anxious about an upcoming in-person presentation, remote work enables workers to focus their attention solely on what needs to be done in front of them. 

Roebuck Staffing | Greenville NC 

Our team at Roebuck Staffing, your local temp agency Greenville NC, pride ourselves on making the staffing process run smoothly for both the client and the employees. Beyond that, we want our employment candidates to join inclusive workplaces. Roebuck Staffing understands that remote work isn’t the only solution for inclusion at work, which is why we are in support of recognizing biases and educating employees on inclusivity. Contact us today to work with a team of professionals who care about your future success!