Summer Success: The Advantages of Temp Jobs in College Towns

June 3, 2024

With the summer approaching, looking for work may be a difficult task. Especially if you are spending the summer in Greenville, NC; if you are looking for a temporary job, start looking at work from Greenville, NC, temp agencies. Here are some benefits of working with a temp agency for the summer and how you can apply them to your resume or college experience. Roebuck Staffing provides temporary employees to clients, and it may be the career move for the summer.

Greenville, NC Temp agencies: Hard Work

It takes hard work and dedication but allows you variety and flexibility and ensures employment.


Working with a temp agency during the summer in a college town offers unparalleled flexibility in your work schedule. These agencies understand that students may have varying commitments, such as summer classes, internships, or travel plans. As a result, staffing agencies in Greenville, NC, can match you with short-term assignments that fit your schedule, allowing you to earn money without sacrificing your other activities.


Temp agencies in college towns, specifically Greenville, NC temp agencies, offer a wide range of job opportunities, catering to different skills and interests. Whether you excel in administrative tasks or customer service or have specialized skills in a particular field, temp agencies can connect you with relevant assignments. There are also manual labor jobs with construction jobs in Greenville, NC. This variety allows you to explore different industries, gain valuable experience, and expand your professional network while enjoying the flexibility of temporary work during the summer.

Turning Temp Agency into Permanent Role

While you make decent money during the summer, you can also use the experience to enhance your resume and network with others, which can help you land a permanent position in the company after graduation.

Resume Building

Experience gained through temp agency work can be effectively showcased on your resume. Highlight specific skills developed, projects completed, and achievements attained during temporary assignments to demonstrate versatility and adaptability that can posted on your profile on LinkedIn. For example, Roebuck Staffing has clients working in the construction, government, and clerical/offices, which provide valuable experience in these fields that can advance your career upon graduation. Working at a construction job in Greenville, NC, will help students pursue a construction management degree at East Carolina University.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with professionals, build relationships, and gain insights into different careers. These connections can lead to mentorship, referrals, and future job opportunities, advancing your career prospects.

Seizing Summer Success: The Power of Temp Agency

Working with staffing agencies in Greenville, NC, during the summer can be a transformative experience. Take advantage of the flexibility, diverse opportunities, and networking potential to enhance your skills and expand your professional network. Start your journey with Roebuck Staffing by applying for a temporary position during the summer to gain experience and make extra cash!