The Importance of Communicating with your Staffing Agency

A staffing agency can provide many opportunities that are not otherwise available. Because of today’s job market, many companies of all different varieties are using staffing agencies to fulfill their employment needs. This means that these opportunities are lost to you unless you contact and keep a good relationship with the staffing agencies recruiters in your area. Communication is key in most relationships and your relationship with your staffing company is no different. These are key things to keep in mind when using a staffing company.

  • Always make sure your resume is updated and has all of your employment history. If you have been assigned to a temporary position, even if it has been a month, it is important to put that on your resume. It looks better to employers that you don’t have a large gap on your resume, this shows them that you are flexible and motivated to work. 
  • It is vital to make sure your staffing company has all updated contact information. This seems like a given but as a recruiter, too many times I have tried to call a number on a resume that is out of service or seen a resume that has a Florida address that is applying for a job in North Carolina with no explanation of if they are currently living in the area or when they plan to move. Call the staffing company and let them know if your telephone number, address, or email address changes. This way you are easily reached and can accept future job offers.
  • If you find gainful employment… let your staffing agency know. If you have found a position and are no longer in need of the staffing agency’s services, let them know. This is a professional way to thank them for their help and stop them from contacting you for future job offers. This saves both you and the agency time as well as expresses a professional demeanor to the agency…. this way should your employment ever come to an end, they will know you have good communication and respect their time.
  • Keep telephone or in-person contact with your recruiters. At Roebuck Staffing, we ask that job seekers check in weekly to let us know they are currently available for work. It is important to keep a good relationship and let them know you are eager to find employment, but remember to not check in too often so you don’t annoy your recruiter. Ask your local staffing agency what their policy is about checking in for openings or how to keep contact. Some agencies would rather just call you or communicate via email, which is why it’s important to know their preference.

Keep a positive relationship with recruiters. They are, in fact, the ones between you and a great job, and remember if you have any questions about your agency’s policies, just ask. Most companies are more than happy to inform you on how their process works.