Tips For Job Interviews on the Phone

September 24, 2022

Job interviews are nerve-wracking enough as it is, but phone interviews can be even more daunting. You can't rely on body language or facial expressions to help you gauge the interviewer's reactions, and you might find it harder to build a rapport over the phone. However, phone interviews are becoming increasingly common among employers and temp agencies Wilmington NC, so it's important to know how to make a good impression. Here are some tips for nailing your next phone interview.

Do Your Research

Before the interview, make sure you have a good understanding of the company's culture, values, and mission statement. This will not only help you answer questions about why you want to work for the company, but it will also show that you're truly interested in the role. In addition, take some time to familiarize yourself with common interview questions and practice your response. Your temp agency Wilmington NC can also assist you in learning more about the company with which you are interviewing.

Dress The Part

Just because the interviewer can't see you doesn't mean you should skimp on a personal presentation. Dress as you would for an in-person interview to get into the right headspace, and make sure your posture is confident and open. Sit up straight and avoid fidgeting; if you wouldn't do it in an in-person interview among employers and temp agencies Wilmington NC, don't do it on the phone.


You might feel silly smiling at nothing, but it makes a difference. Smiling makes you sound more genuine and upbeat, which will put both you and the interviewer or employee at the temp agency Wilmington NC at ease. Smiling, even if there is nothing to smile about, will naturally make you feel happier as well as more confident in yourself and your abilities.

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Nailing a phone interview isn't easy, but it is possible with preparation and practice. By following these tips and speaking with an expert from our temp agencies Wilmington NC, you'll be one step closer to landing your dream job! To learn more about interviewing or our services, please visit our website.