Types of Background Checks For Temp Agencies

January 30, 2023

Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process for temp agencies Wilmington NC and their clients. They allow both parties to make informed decisions about who to hire. There are several types of background checks that Roebuck Staffing agency Wilmington NC may use for potential candidates. Each check will provide a different facet of information about a candidate’s past.

Criminal Background Check

Most temp agencies and employers will conduct a criminal background check on applicants. This type of check looks for any criminal records or convictions that a candidate may have. This is information temp agencies Wilmington NC and their clients need to know. It can indicate whether a candidate is likely to be trustworthy and reliable.

Credit Check

Another type of background check is a credit history check. This looks at a candidate's credit score, outstanding debts, and bankruptcies or foreclosures. While credit checks are less common for temp agencies, they are still useful for positions that involve cash handling or financial information.

Jobs That Require a Credit Check:

  • Accountant
  • Mortgage loan originator
  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Parking booth operator

Employment Verification

This type of check confirms a candidate's work history and references. This helps temp agencies Wilmington NC and their clients ensure that a candidate is telling the truth about their qualifications and experience.

Drug Test

Drug tests detect the presence of certain drugs in a candidate's system. There are different types of screening processes, but most temp agencies will collect a urine or saliva sample for testing. This is a crucial safety protocol for many positions, especially those that involve operating heavy machinery or working with hazardous materials.

License Check

Temp agencies Wilmington NC will verify that a candidate has the necessary licenses and certifications for a certain job. This is important for positions that require specialized training or skills.

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Factors including licensure requirements, job type, and contract length will determine the type of background check temp agencies Wilmington NC will use for candidates. Roebuck Staffing will consult with all clients to determine the appropriate background checks needed for each position. Having the most qualified, pre-screened staff on board will make all the difference in business productivity and workers’ success. To learn more, please visit our website.