Industries we service:

Specialized skilled jobs, no matter the need!

At Roebuck Staffing, we service industries across the board. Whatever position you are looking to fill, we can find the right person to fill it. From clerical jobs to construction jobs, there is a hopeful applicant waiting to be hired. Let our staffing agencies handle the application review and interviews, while you focus on the job at hand.

Roebuck Staffing is locally owned and operated, so no jumping through hoops to get in contact with us! Clients are not required to do payroll or other employee paperwork when contracting through Roebuck Staffing. No retainers or qualifiers for clients, only a credit check. We cover workers' compensation for employees and cut out admin costs for our clients.

Our temp agency for hire has a minimum for a full-time contract of 500 hours - significantly less than our competitors!

Construction Projects

Get your hands dirty with projects for Handymen, Plumbers, Welders, Equipment Operators, Electricians, Demolition Techs, Construction workers for hire, and more.

Solar Projects

We’ve got the experts as far as Wire Pullers, Electricians, Equipment Operators, Metal Framers/Rackers, and General Laborers.

Restoration Projects

If Restoration Projects are your calling, we service Movers, Carpenters, Demolition Techs, Deep Cleaners, Boxers, Inventory, and more.


Calling all Receptionists, Admin Assistants, HR Assistants, Paralegals, Bookkeepers, Interpreters, and Translators! Roebuck services a wide range of clerical jobs.

Industrial Manufacturing

From Order Pickers to Packers, Warehouse to Forklift Operators to Material Handlers, to Assembly and Parts/Inventory.

Boat Manufacturing

We have the people you need: Boat Builders, Boat Cleaners/Buffers, Glass Cutters, Lead Assemblers, Boat Patchers, and more.


Your Janitorial needs will never go unnoticed. Let Roebuck Staffing fill your Janitorial positions!


When in need of staffing for Government positions, our staffing agencies can find the right person suitable for the job.