How to Find a Job in Industrial Manufacturing in NC

April 9, 2021

If you are experienced in the manufacturing sector, it is easy for you to find a job in construction staffing Greenville, NC. Reputed temp agencies in Washington NC have been witnessing an increasing demand for skilled workers in life sciences, food, and other industrial manufacturing companies. From Honeywell to Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, Daramic to Murata Machinery, many of the future-focused and reputed manufacturing companies are located in North Carolina. The state, while being known for its legacy products such as tobacco, furniture

and textiles, has emerged as a hub of biotechnology, information technology, aerospace and

Transportation. Roebuck staffing is the leader in temp agencies in Washington NC, and we want to show you why temp agencies are the place to be today. 

How strong is the industrial manufacturing sector in NC?

Historically, manufacturers have accounted for over 18 percent of the state’s total output.

They have also employed about 10 percent of North Carolina’s workforce. The manufacturing sector in NC is the largest contributor to the state’s GDP. The wages you will earn in the industrial manufacturing sector are also higher than social assistance, construction, transportation and healthcare. Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, life sciences manufacturing in North Carolina employed 11 percent more workers in 2020. Over 30,000 people (as compared to 27000 in 2019) were employed in life sciences manufacturing companies in NC in 2020. The growing demand in the sector has led to a flurry of hiring activities in NC. According to a study 5000 new jobs will need to be filled in this sector by 2025.

How to find the right job in the manufacturing sector?

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced worker, the first step to finding a job is to

contact the most reputed temp agency New Bern NC has or in other areas of NC. Experienced temp agencies in Washington NC can guide you on identifying the most suitable job based on your skill sets apart from guiding you on any missing skills. You can then access training opportunities to close the skills gap and prepare a professional resume highlighting your accomplishments and skills. The temp agency will ensure your skill sets and career objectives align with the requirements of potential employers. 

Roebuck Staffing | Eastern NC

At Roebuck Staffing, top temp agency Greenville, NC, we aim to help people who are interested in working. We want to bring jobs to people who are struggling all across the state, especially Eastern NC. Not only do we want to help the employees, we want to ensure employers that the application process runs smoothly behind the scenes so you can focus on what matters most - your business. Call us today at one of our offices to learn more about how we can help you.