How To Pinpoint Employee Engagement

February 10, 2021

Roebuck Staffing strives to be your most trusted partner among temp agencies in Washington NC. We want to go beyond providing employers with average employees; instead, we aim to service industries across the board with highly engaged employees who want to strongly contribute to their company. Recognizing how to pinpoint employee engagement enables us to develop a more involved workforce. 

Take Initiative

Engaged employees tend to take initiative and avoid doing the bare minimum when it comes to their job responsibilities. Workers who want to add extra responsibilities to their plate increase company productivity and are valued among their coworkers and management.    

Company Advocate

Employees who venture outside of the office and recommend your company to others in the community are treasures to have on your team. Word of mouth is an effective way to draw people to your company, whether it be new clients or employees. In addition to being an advocate for your company, engaged employees often advocate for their coworkers in achieving organizational goals. The value of having company cheerleaders should not be underestimated!  

Higher Standards

High engagement workers go hand in hand with high standards of work quality. Employees with a “good enough” mindset are not good enough when needing to increase company productivity. Strong engagement allows employees to focus on completing their assigned tasks at a level that meets company standards. As one of the leading temp agencies in Washington NC, Roebuck Staffing holds itself to a high standard when it comes to ensuring the staffing process runs smoothly for both clients and employees.  


Every employee is going to make mistakes, but the ones who stand out are the ones who own up to them and learn from them. A lack of worker accountability leads to excuses and is ultimately a red flag in terms of engagement. Focused employees display stronger attention to detail and are therefore more accountable when it comes to meeting company expectations.  


With collaboration being an integral component in many workplaces today, it is important to pay attention to which employees work well with others. Disengaged employees tend to avoid team participation and often lack communication with management.  

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